Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weblog Your Method To Visitors!

Using a blog has turn into one of the vital in style strategies of selling an affiliate program today. What is great a couple of weblog is that in many circumstances you possibly can put up it free. Blogs serve a giant quantity of purposes in the present day and promoting your affiliate program is just one of many many makes use of for a blog. Why should you spend tons of or hundreds of dollars in promotion and commercial of your affiliate program? All you need is a free blog and a few good info to supply your visitors. With these two simple items, you can dramatically enhance the amount of traffic you get to your affiliate program.

Why all the hype about blogs anyway?

What is a weblog? Effectively, you most likely have not discovered a blog by now, you have been residing within the dark. Blogs are everywhere and embrace details about many various things. Take, as an illustration, utilizing a blog to promote your affiliate program. All it's good to do is generate a couple of articles or tales about your specific affiliate program. They are often about anything at all. Contemplate articles equivalent to how to use your specific program, what is special and unique about your program, why individuals should use it and the way they can benefit out of your affiliate program.

Okay so I create a weblog, now what?

The necessary thing level in posting a weblog, is to generate interest in your customers and make them click that ever-special link on to your affiliate program. Now, that being stated, an essential key that everybody ought to know about blogging is that you should post to your weblog each day at the least once per day. Doing so will help drive people to your weblog and further on to your affiliate program. Which means extra traffic for you.

More is Better

Now, a free weblog is after all free, nevertheless, many internet sites that provide free blogs may even give you a paid upgrade. With a paid upgrade, you'll be able to get pleasure from additional features corresponding to modifying the articles you put up if the need arises. You might also create and edit your blog pages to make them slot in nicely with the design you want. A weblog host might even give you the ability to create polls immediately in your blog. This will help you determine what it's essential to know from you visitors with the intention to make a simpler weblog for your affiliate program.

In the end

Overall, the entire goal your blog is to promote your affiliate program. Whenever you promote your affiliate program, you increase the quantity of publicity that your program receives. This can in the end increase the amount of commissions you receive. Promotion = Visitors = Commissions… it's vital to love that system!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Six Tips To Promote Your Blog and Increase Your Blog Traffic

When you start your own blog, don’t expect to make it big. At least not initially. While some book authors make a killing on their first novel, it’s far less common in the blogging world. Most experts will tell you it takes 6 months to a year to build momentum and traffic to your blog. For many, it takes even longer, especially if you can’t sustain a schedule of 2-3 posts per week.

But, while it’s tough to achieve widespread fame and popularity in the blogging world, it’s very possible to build a following, establish your reputation, improve your search rankings, and draw qualified traffic and leads to your site. The trick is to focus. Narrow your goals. Start small and build from there.

Focus Your Topics

Choose a handful of highly relevant keywords that crystallize the topics you want to promote and be found for. Do some keyword research to make sure those terms are not too competitive, and to find wording that searchers are actually looking for. Build your content around those terms.

Be Unique

Don’t state the obvious or repeat what’s already been said elsewhere. Find your own voice, draw your own conclusions, look for unique insights. They don’t need to be grand or profound – just a different twist on something of interest in your market (here’s a fun blog post on how to document your epiphanies, from Marnie Pehrson).

Identify A Narrow Audience

Blogging strategy: Big fish, small pond
When you first launch your blog, tell everyone you know and make as big a splash as possible – you never know who might come. But once you’ve gone public, define the target audience where you want to make your biggest impact, and tailor your promotional efforts to them. Aim first to be a big fish in a small pond; make good impressions and let the word spread.

Establish Yourself

Search Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to find out who is talking about your topics. Talk with them, share relevant links (including, but not exclusively, your own blog posts), host discussions, answer questions, offer helpful hints. Give before you get. Find a Bookmarking site or an online forum that services your target audience, and make yourself known there by offering valuable comments. (My favorite is a wonderful small business site called BizSugar). Read and comment on other blogs in your field. This helps you get known by other bloggers, who, if your posts are good, will link back to you. Contribute guest blog posts on related blogs and link back to yours. Or, publish interviews with other bloggers and they may return the favor. Add some video into your blogging mix, as it will appeal to people who are tired of reading.

Ask Your Followers to Spread the Word

If your content is good and interesting and unique, people will follow it. If you want to build your followers, ask people to subscribe, to share your posts, to retweet — and make it easy for them to do it.

Be Patient

Finally, don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself. Learn as you go, redirect as needed, and be patient as your following takes its natural path. It may take you a while, so don’t get on the blogging train unless you intend to hang in there for the long haul.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to Keep your Blog Updated

One of the more difficult things to do while putting up a blog is to keep its freshness. If you wish to get enough traffic successfully along with readers and fans, you need to ensure that your blog always offers something new along with something exciting. Just supplying quality content will not be enough. You need to publish the content and the entire blog in a good and refreshing manner. In case the people visiting the blog find it to be boring, it’s quite likely that they will not come back and perhaps will not even read the rest of the blog. This will result in you losing readership and page views. All your hard work in creating the good content will go to waste. So, how to keep your blog fresh? Te answer is simple: Put forth sufficient commitment and try being creative.

Commitment to the blog can be wonderful as you will get to make money on internet. Commitment means giving enough time to read on and also research quality posts and potential blog content. You must browse the best and quality blogs and note what makes them so popular. Find out by carefully examining, how they are presenting information for attracting readers. This will definitely give you a good idea about what is required in your blog. And you can continue on to browse through the many resources. In addition to this, here are some tips for keeping your blog fresh:

*) The reader feedback is must: There is no better way to understand which blog posts will draw in more traffic and hold readers than just asking them. Remember, the web readers are very responsive and acquiring information and opinions from them will not be too difficult. They will let you know the topics that will push them away and the subjects they like to talk about. This will make it easy for you to decide the choice of your subject by looking at the number of users suggesting the topic. It is a simple and effective way of deciding your content on the basis of popularity. 

*) Select the right blogs for examining: Have you heard of angry blog syndrome? Ensure that you stay away from the blogs that are cynical about almost anything. These will not help in developing creativity. As a matter of fact these "angry" blogs affect your mentality in such a manner that your blog posts also begin to turn out in a similar manner. Refrain yourself from visiting these sites. Learn to judge which blogs are good and which are not. By studying the quality and recommended blogs you will learn what is necessary.

*) Have some other persons guest post on the blog: If you are running short of new ideas or just plain not in a mood to write, have someone guest blog on the blog. This is useful in building rapport with the users. Feature some user for supplying their very own post. This gradually builds the lifeline of your blog. The users feel more comfortable with your blog as it is like being their own.

And, in the end significantly, keep up the writing flow by just going at it again and again. Make note of the ideas and even note the mumblings. After some time it will become easier to write on any topic. Once you get in the flow of writing, it will become simpler to make money on internet.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sorry there hasn't been a post for a couple days!

yeah sorry about that, I've been addicted to Fallout New Vegas and haven't been able to stop playing!

that's my guy

It's vastly improved over Fallout 3, it definitely got an old fallout feel to it.

for anyone who plays it I highly recommend grabbing these mods.

don't know what to say that hasn't been said in pretty much every other video game related blog about the game, but if you liked Fallout 3 get this game.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Best Nintendo Wii Games of 2010

The Wii brought out on November 19, 2006 by Nintendo. The Wii principally competes with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 as a seventh-generation console. Nintendo states that its console aims a more panoptic demographic than that of the two others. The Wii heads the generation over the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in planetary sales, As of September 2010 and broke the record for best- marketing cabinet in a single month in December 2009 in the United States. 

Wireless controller is a discerning feature of the console, also called the Wii Remote, which can be used as a hand-held indicating device. It observes movement in three dimensions. WiiConnect24 is another classifiable feature of the console, which enables it to obtain messages and updates over the Internet while in understudy mode. 

The Wii is Nintendo's fifth home cabinet. It is the target replacement to the Nintendo GameCube. It is able to play all prescribed GameCube games. Nintendo first introduced about his console in 2004 at E3 press conference and later he revealed the system in the 2005 at E3 press. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata let out epitome of the controller at September 2005 in a Tokyo Game Show. The console won the first of various awards at E3 2006. It had made out its set up in four key markets in December 8, 2006.

The Wii Remote is the main controller for the console. It has combination of built-in accelerometers and infrared detection. It can sense its position in 3D space when pointed at switching the Sensor Bar. It is designed in such a way that it allows users that they can control the game by using physical gestures as well as traditional button presses. The controller is connected to the console by Bluetooth and features growl as well as an internal speaker. We can connect the Wii Remote to expansion devices by a proprietary interface at the foot of controller. 
The device packed with the Wii recount package is the nunchuk unit, which boasts an accelerometer and a conventional analog stick with two spark buttons. It also an attachable wrist strap which can be used to save the player from accidentally dropping the Wii Remote. Nintendo has also introduced a harder strap.

There is also a Wii Remote Jacket to provide extra grip and protection. The Wii Motion Plus was declared as a device that associates to the Wii Remote to affix the accelerometer and Sensor Bar capabilities and enable actions to be delivered identically on the screen in actual time. The Wii console has 512 megabytes of innerflash memory. It features an SD card slot for external storage. We can use an SD card for transferring photos and backing up saved game data and downloaded practicall Console and WiiWare games. For using the SD slot for shifting game saves, the need is to install an update. An installation can be started from the Wii options menu by an Internet connection, or by introducing a game disc having the update. Practical Console data cannot be reconstructed to any system except the unit of origin.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Playing Flash Games Online

Games come in various genre and types nowadays. From exciting 3D video gaming to interactive online massively multiplayer online player games (mmopg), modern day gaming has peaked to the next level. Although it is true that games with slight complexity do attract many players who love to play games like Starcraft 2, Empire Total War, Command and Conquer 3, and etc., there are a whole lot of people who are deviantly attracted to more simple, retro-styled flash games.

Flash games? Most people will picture it as those simple pixilated games, like pixel fighter or pixel shooter; or others as those retro space invader games, or flash Mario arcade or Pacman games. These are no longer the case. Flash gaming, like the rest of the gaming platforms, has been taken into another level of more exciting gaming concept. Successful examples include Days2Die and Days2Die: The Other Side. Both these games are made up of an excellent game storyline, with excellent sound effects, and better gaming experience, even as a flash game platform. These zombie shooter games are short and sweet, and it grabs the gamers’ interest much better than longer video games which may be boring. Other examples include realistic race drifting like Drift Runners 2, that allows you to race allow the A.I. racers and earn fantastic points by controlling drift; and also Champions 3D, an excellent soccer match flash games created in the midst of the recent World Cup South Africa 2010 with great soccer game plays that allows player to take their team up to win the World Cup.
Such surprising degree of good graphics, sound effects, and friendly keyboard features are made possible with the new actionscript 3.0 programming language. This allows a whole new level of game programming possible.
If you have not tried out all these fun and exciting games, it is time that you take a good short break to play these flash games. You can be assured that most of them can keep you occupied for that good few minutes of entertainment while you are at work or school. As it is not time-consuming as those PC video games which you will get stuck to the screen for hours or even days playing, till you neglect your work.

Why not MMOPG? Massively multiplayer games consumes more time than playing with such a flash games. In flash games, you do not need to interact with possible annoying scammers or spammers, and you can play quietly on your own.

So after reading this article, if you are interested to try out some of the newest flash games, feel free to check out flash games site like PodBuzzGames or Miniclip for the lastest gaming needs. These flash gaming sites has over hundreds of old and new games ranging from action games, adventure games, shooting games, to sports games, soccer games, even zombie survival games, ninja games, where you play as ninja warriors. For people who are puzzle lovers, don’t hesitate to try out some puzzle games too.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010



So I figured today I would make a special blog post to help all the peoples out there

The term, "more blog traffic" gets quite a few searches online each day. Exactly why are people looking for when seeking to get building blog traffic ?

The majority of folks today use virtual reality every time they look for information. Generally, they have something in mind, something they desire, a challenge or need they have that they want solved or satisfied. Searchers could be split into two different groups: Pleasure Seekers (seeking gain, profit, pleasure, enlightenment, amusement, etc. or Pain Avoiders (planning to avoid health issues, sickness, pain, costs, liabilities, problems, etc.)

When any web surfer searches for individual, some may have either positive or negative motivations. Here in the following paragraphs we'll deal just with those on the negative or pain-avoidance motivation side. Were considering three of the actions or errors that this type of person wants most to stop.

To comprehend the typical circumstances on this, you will need to know that there are many methods for getting stung in wanting to build more blog traffic that using wrong advice can in fact damage your blogs.

You might also wish to know a few of the specifics. An example is, trying to build links too fast.

O.K. just what do we have to avoid? And why would we have to avoid that?

Well, clearly, as dealing with the saying reasonable. You need your building blog people to increase but to do this such that the major search engines don't presume manipulation. If so, then we will need to build our links gradually, several each day a few dozen 7 days at most.

Now then, allow me to share a few things you should avoid:

To start with, figure out what your site's main key word or keyword must be and build links using those words. The prevailing concern that just for this is the fact that the way in which people will see you is by searching on a phrase or possibly a word and so your link must be linked with those keywords, certainly not the blog name.

The amount of this is plenty? Perhaps trying several unique phrases or word combinations in connection with your website niche. Anymore is regarded as keyword spam.

Second, chose directories which may have some Page Rank. And, figure out, just why would that be? because Page ranking tells Google and google the directory has credibility thereby in case your blog shows up, you select up some 'googlejuice' by association.

Is practical, doesn't it Quality links will be the key here.

Third, don’t buy links. This is because you can so easily get tricked by money-making directory sites

O.K. so how can we know what's wise? If they charge for a link, it's probably unwise for you personally. It's that easy.

Eliminate the negatives by avoiding these 3 possible problems. That provides you with a whole lot better possibility to win at and gain through the remaining possible strengths as you grow more blog traffic..

Understand how to get more blog traffic by looking at the building blog traffic website.

Monday, October 18, 2010

How to Use Social Bookmarking Can Increase Your Backlinks

Today I try at a more serious post, and I know alot of people can find this stuff helpful.

Social bookmarking can help to get your website rank well on the search engine. You will be able to get free one way links from social bookmarking sites. There are a lot of reputable social bookmarking sites with high page rank. Most of the reputable social bookmarking sites have existed on the internet for more than 5 years so they have high page rank. Examples of social bookmarking sites with high page rank include Digg, Propeller, Delicious, and etc. Quick often, the social medial sites with high pagerank receives a lot of visitors. However, there are also social media sites that have high pagerank but don’t receive a large volume of traffic, for example, MyVmarks. Some social bookmarking sites have block new account registration because of the large amount of spam. Blogmarks require the users to have an invitation code in order to submit social bookmarks to the site.

Social bookmarking site with high pagerank can pass some pagerank juice to your site if your post rank on the front page. In order to rank on the front page, you must have good headlines and description. The first paragraph of the article must be written in an interesting way because it is the first thing that is noticed by the users. The rest of the content should also be well written so that the visitor will continue reading it.

Before you can social bookmark your site, you have to create an account with them. The first thing to do after you have registered your account is to update the profile. You should upload a profile picture and compose your biography. When social bookmarking your site, you should pay attention to the title of the post. A lot good posts are not noticed by people because the headlines are not interesting.

The headline is the first thing that is seen by the visitors so you will want to make it interesting. If it is interesting, people will vote for your posts. If you don’t know how to write the headlines, you can refer to the headlines of the posts that rank on the front page. The description should be short and meaningful. You must never tell lies in the description. The ideal word count of the description is between 100 – 150 characters. If the description is more than 150 characters, people won’t be willing to read it. Many social bookmaking sites have set a word count limit for the description. As you type in the description box, you will notice the number keep on reducing.

There are thousands of social bookmarking sites on the internet. If you don’t want to social bookmark your site, you can hire the SEO companies to help you. The SEO companies offer social bookmarking service at an affordable price. You should ask the SEO company to provide a list of social media sites which it will submit your website to. If you have multiple sites to social bookmarked, you can ask the SEO company to give you a quote. To save money, you can perform shopping comparison.

also have a funny picture.


replaces the bow

Lately I've been playing a lot of minecraft and I decided to work on my own skin pack.

Minecraft is a PC game that is made all by one person. There's no real point to the game other than trying to survive, and it has very simplistic graphics but the game is so fun, I can't stop playing!

for anyone interested check

Sunday, October 17, 2010

thought I'd post this, I love this song so much. R.I.P. Scatman John.

nothin much going on, I tried out those cheeseburger flavored dorito's today. Holy crap! they actually taste like real home made cheese burgers, I was blown away! anyone who reads my blog should definitely try em some time.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dumm comics

Dumm Comics is a website that is run by a small group of artists who each do their own comic. It is updated every day by one of the artists. Most of the comics are just silly humor, with a small plot now and then, and some of them just try to be as weird and crazy as possible. Warning some of the comics can be NSFW (not safe for work)
I shall post some of my favorite strips from the various comics below.

Life in the analog age is a pretty sweet comic about growing up, it's not the funniest of the comics but it's sweet and a good read.

Skadi is probably my favorite comic on the site. It's about a female barbarian who travels from land to land with her ugly sidekick trying to complete her goal of eating one of every animal in the world.

Sorry guys isn't updated anymore, but you can still find the archive of it on the site. The comic has a bunch of ridiculous silly, and down right lewd comics. But as stupid as they are, I can't help but laugh every time I read one.

Frog Raccoon Strawberry is the epitome of random humor, but that isn't exactly a bad thing. The art, like pretty much every comic on this site, is down right amazing, and the characters are so expressive. Even if the punchline isn't great you'll usually smile from all of the character's reactions.

Mech Lab is about 3 robots who live in a lab and are studied by an incredibly lonely scientist. It's also worth flipping through, and is still being updated. Although the updates to the main story have been slow due to the main artist having to take some time off.

Big Pants Mouse is also no longer updated, but it is still a good comic to read through. It has very simplistic humor and can be quite amusing from time to time. It's the story about a mouse with a big pair of magic pants.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Cute picture

Nothing much has been happening today, I started watching this show called "Better Off Ted" it was a show that used to be on Fox, and as you know if it's a good show on Fox it won't last long, it only lasted 2 seasons. I've watched the first couple episodes and it's really good.

I'm not very good at summarizing things so let me copy paste from the IMDB site.

Ted Crisp claims his executive job, head of R&D in huge US industrial conglomerate V , is the best in the world. In fact even his six-year old child sees straight through his predicament: the orders Ted gets from airhead VP Veronica Palmer, or from the board, are absurd and/or evil. 

I highly recommend it!

little big visit to the zoo

Today, I went to the zoo

At the zoo they had koalas, they were pretty cute.

there were also a bunch of giraffes (that's what those are right?) they were really friendly, one even let me ride it!

I got to swim with the penguins too! I put on a tuxedo so they would think I was one of them, I think it worked.

although I think I might have made a wrong turn cause I ended up in the tiger exhibit, it was pretty scary!

I managed to esape the tigers, but then I fell into the Alligator pool! luckily a helpful monkey pulled me to safety. He is my new best friend.

Once I got back on track I found an awesome aquarium, the fish were so pretty.

after the aquarium there was an awesome tram tour that took me past a bunch of animals, I didn't get to take pictures of all of them, it happened pretty fast.

Next the tram fell through a hole in the floor and I passed out, when I awoke I was being chased by that big dinosaur!

I just barely managed to escape him, and I rode this pterodactyl to freedom!

but before leaving I took a group photo with all my new animal friends! :D

Thursday, October 14, 2010

small poast

I am not a fancy man, so don't expect to see me talking about anything like fine wines, cruises, vacations, fancy jewelry, watches, fancy cars and sport utility vehicles, high-priced video games and gaming systems, mobiles phones, and cheap airline tickets.

well maybe video games, I do enjoy video games.

But this is just a small blog atm, and I'm not quite sure what I want to do with it, I'll probably post abotu whatever video game I'm playing atm, some new show I found, or maybe some funny youtube video I posted.

well whatever it is I do I shall try to keep you entertained.

here have an awesome picture.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lost Planet 2 Review

Today let's talk about Lost Planet 2

The pic above is a close up of my custom character from Lost Planet 2, which is a game for PS3, Xbox360, and starting this Friday PC.

I'll just start by saying I've had this game on the PS3 since it's release day, and plan on getting it this Friday when the PC version releases. Lost Planet 2 is a over the shoulder shooter set in a futuristic setting where groups of soldiers and pirates go from planet to planet harvesting it's thermal energy. The game's story is incredibly over-the-top and cheesy, but that's one of the games charms. The game's multiplayer is nothing amazing, and has some pretty bad balance issues. (example: when using the shotgun you can stunlock other players, preventing them from doing anything until they die.) The Singleplayer/Co-Op is more than enough to buy the game for though. The campaign supports up to 4 players and last for 6 episodes each with around 3-6 chapters each.

As you play through the game you earn experience for the faction of your choice, which unlocks more armor combinations for said faction. You will also earn credits which you spend on a roulette that will unlock you some of the various things: weapons, armor, titles, and skills. Once you have completely beaten the campaign you can use your custom character in it, and it will even show up in cutscenes, making some pretty amusing scenes.

Overall if you like shooters, First person or other wise I would reccomend this game.

Hey Everyone!

hello! this is my blog, I have made it because I am bored, please follow me and post on my blog, if you do I might even talk to you, I can't guarantee anything, but hey, who knows.